Small and Exquisite

Size of a powder box and easily portable. Measurements: 79mm x79mm x40mm

Bluetooth Connection

The Bluetooth Connection for non-network restrictions

with connection anytime, anywhere

Needless to register, log in at any time

High-precision print head with a longer life and better print results

High-Precision Print Head

for Clearer Prints

The interface is fresh and simple, graphic mix, speech bubbles, picture modification,

personalized doodles, two-dimensional code sharing, material printing, voice note etc...

Graphic Mix, Personalized Boodles

Choose and subscribe according to your preferences, One is All, Xiachufang,

Daily.English.Learning, Pillow Music ...print at a click. The world of notes is waiting for you

Rich in Content, Print as You Wish

Photo Search

When you are asked a problem, make a photo search, get answers and print them in

one click. Massive question pool is complete and easy to use for improved learning efficiency

Easy-replaced Templates, refuse monotony, DIY, and be stylish and cute …

Change the Template Invariably as You Please

Photo Printing

Vintage black & white retro effect  makes you a trendsetter

Low cost of consumables. Print as you wish and enjoy the pleasure of printing

Private Note

Share the QR code with your friends or go to your

circle of friends and you can get a private note from them

Voice Memo

What your heart wants to say, it will

express it, scan it and listen to the voicemail message

I want to

be with you

Love Letters to Each Other

Adding friends via APP enables you to send notes,

messages and to print them remotely whenever and wherever you want

Clipboard Partner

Whether it is a nice picture or text, or a daily narrative or a travel idea,

it can be printed and posted to the clipboard, nicely and conveniently.

Using the highest gift box packaging, feel proud to present as a gift

Exquisite Packaging

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